Local Cooperation with Simultaneous, Intensive Matrix Organization: Pharmaceuticals 3.0

Branch: pharmaceutics
Company: international pharmaceutical corporation
Project: reorganization

The goal of this project is a transformation of internal structures and a strong orientation on multi-stakeholders, customers and patients. With it, the company will divide functionally into two areas. The country management team is also taking a new position with new forms of collaboration. Heitger Consulting accompanies this change, advises in the reorganization of central processes, provides coaching for the top-management and consultancy of the cooperation across functional “silos” and company borders.
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Digital Transformation - Everybody becomes a technologist.

Many of our customers and partners have realized by now that digitization hits all industries and corporate functions without exception – that every company becomes a technology firm and everybody a technologist. At the same time, great transformations like that of digitization involve the risk that their effects are underestimated because their radical nature only develops and becomes apparent little by little over many years. 
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We are Flying Blind: The New Dynamics of Leadership

We live in a VUCA world — an age of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity — in which we cannot rely on old concepts of leadership and expect them to work. We are in the midst of an evolutionary transformation, and organizations and their leaders have to find new answers to a massive degree of change. Barbara Heitger describes the future of leadership in TRANSFORMERS — Executive Conversations About Creating Agile Organizations. [ Article ]

KPMG & us

For the first time under one roof!

Heitger Consulting and KPMG create new dimensions to attend to companies undergoing disruptive change. In many organizations everything is turned upside down – dealing with digitization, new business models, agility, etc. These turbulent corporate environments require new consulting services.
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