Conflicts and Crises

Conflicts can certainly cause stress, but they can also present a real incentive for development. They can damage relationships or serve to further develop, reinforce and maintain them. To avoid conflict-generated resistance, to promote de-escalation and to emphasize productive factors, we’ll work with you to answer and unravel the following core issues:
  • What’s the conflict all about?
  • What are its liabilities and benefits?
  • Who has which concerns?
  • Who has an interest in continuing the conflict and who has an interest in ending it?
  • Who will contribute what to reaching a solution?
In particular, when it comes to deep-seated team conflicts, we’ve developed effective methods to resolve them.

The first step is to detect and recognize the crisis for what it really is. The second step is to organize effective crisis management. A crisis affects everything; nothing is the same anymore. It even affects decision-making processes; decision-makers can get caught between wanting to take quick action to (try to) quickly resolve it or wanting to endlessly analyze it. The real danger lies in losing the necessary distance, consideration, discernment and foresight. We’ll support you in overcoming the crisis, quickly and clearly, so that you can once again make full use of the resources and the potentials in your company. The three key elements in this approach: a crisis team, crisis management and a plan for safeguarding your daily business activities.