The first 100 days

Changes in leadership are a real challenge, for both the new manager and the organization concerned. On the one hand, new managers have to set the tone and the pace, which is very often connected to an expressed or implied assignment. On the other hand, they can only be successful if they find solutions that well complement and build on what’s already in place. In this initial phase, managers have to be savvy enough to take full advantage of their room to maneuver. The following issues are critical to success at this early stage:
  • Finding the right balance between retention and change
  • Correctly prioritizing the topic areas within a strategy
  • Wisely timing the changeover from operative to strategic issues
  • Aligning the processes with the requirements of the relevant stakeholders and demonstrating the ability to make decisions even under uncertain, “fuzzy” circumstances
To help you get off to a good start as the new manager or HR director, we'll provide you with proven tools and methods to allow you to make the most of the potential present during this key phase. In addition, we’ll support you with a customized process: starting with getting the new manager effectively integrated into the new scene, then dealing with staffing the team and orienting the new manager all the way to the 100-day milestone event.