The crises themselves may come and go, but the turbulences that they leave behind remain. Resilience is the ability to master turbulent issues, to thrive even in stormy times and use these experiences as a valuable resource for further growth. This applies equally to persons as well as organizations, their strategy and their leadership. A resilient enterprise is strong without being rigid. That means being able to quickly and flexibly respond to events, be they crises or opportunities.
Since 2009, we’ve had a research team taking a close look at the concept of resilience. Based on this, we’ve developed ideas that can be transferred into real-world management and consulting. Our aim is to ask and answer the following questions:
  • How can managers best structure their organizations for “business as unusual”?
  • What can managers do to make themselves and their staff both stronger and more flexible in dealing with turbulent events?
  • What does strategic planning work look like in unpredictable times?
  • How can turbulent events and times become an impetus for innovation?