Resilience in Strategy, Change and Leadership

A workshop for further development

by Judith Kölblinger and Matthias Pöll

Target group: executives, internal consultants, project managers and HR-managers and organization developers.

Crises come and go, but turbulences remain. Resilience is the ability to master turbulences, thrive even in stormy times and use these experiences as a valuable resource for further growth. This applies to people and organizations, their strategy and their leadership. A resilient enterprise is robust without being rigid. That means being able to quickly and flexibly respond to events, regardless if crises or opportunities.

The special features of this program
  • Introduction to resilience
  • What are the core elements of a resilient strategy?
  • How can leadership improve the organization´’s ability to change?
  • What can managers do to motivate themselves and their employees to be more resilient and more flexible when faced with a crisis?
  • Which kinds of impulses make a team more resilient?

Your benefits

This mix of information, business- and self-reflection, coaching and group work provides you with a realistic image of your personal resilience as well as your company’s. We work on core contradictions in your organization and how to deal with them.
You will leave the seminar and return to your day-to-day business strengthened as a person and with an alert eye for the needs of your employees.


2 days on request – you can book this as an inhouse workshop. We develop a customized offer for you.


€ 1900,- excl. VAT and full day package.

Contact & Registration
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