Business Modeling
A seminar for visionaries, game changers and challengers

by Dr. Heike Pfitzner

Successful business models come under pressure due to constant changes. More and more managers realize that a paradigm shift for their own business is needed. We invite you to an experimental review and a new understanding of your business model!
We are working with the “Business Model Canvas” by Osterwalder and Pigneur, which we link to our systemic work. This customer-oriented model can revolutionize your business model in a playful manner and facilitates the approach to yet unknown combinations. With the help of nine universal basic components, you will be able to visualize your entire business processes on one single page! We particularly dedicate attention to the formulation of the value proposition for your clients. How can you really surprise your clients and what problem are you able to solve better than others? We encourage the group as a creative community to generate impulses, to being a sparring partner or to act as a systemic microcosm of the business model draft.

What do we want to effectuate? / Why participate?
  • You will work on new business ideas or revise existing business models, which you want to question or to which you want to obtain innovation impulses.
  • You will receive consulting from an internationally experienced business developer and with the help of creative ideas and resonance by the group.
  • You will learn the practical use of the “Business Model Canvas“ in order to be able to use the model on its own for your future strategic work in your organization.
  • As a(n) (internal) consultant, you will learn how to use the “Business Model Canvas“ as a tool for your consultations in regard to strategic development and strategic renewal.


You can book this as an inhouse program. Customized offers in clarification with your specific requirements.

Contact & Registration
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