The Energy of Large Groups – Large Group Interventions
A workshop about designing and facilitating large groups

by Philipp Rafelsberger

Target group: everyone, who realized through 
caution and/or insight that large group events work by unconventional principles – and wants to know more about it.

Event or intervention?

Large group events have been an essential element of communication between leadership and employees for years. Whether kick-off workshop, off-site meeting or crisis event – what is the extraordinary component of “large group interventions”? When does the spark leap over and determines the pace of the entire system in the future? How to use the energy of large groups noticeably and constructively is the content of this campus-workshop. Join if you enjoy designing workshops.

What is it about?
  • Domains of impact
  • What are potential and limits of large group events?
  • Facilitation 'on stage' and 'off stage'
  • Steering attention: gripping it on three meta levels
  • Elegant leading via acoustic signals and with live-streams
  • Usage of interactive elements – handling the group, dynamics, etc.
  • Visualization by votings (with and without technical support)
  • Unusual formats, multi-foci-formats
  • Seven hypotheses, which illustrate substantial elements for a large group event
  • The logistic of a large event as a critical success factor: field-tested checklists

Why participate?

In this workshop you gain essential insights about the potentials of the large groups through an in-depth preparation and a bold design with fun and effective interventions. The workshop takes you closer to the magic of large group events.


2 days on request – you can book this as an inhouse workshop. We develop a customized offer for you.


€ 950 excl. VAT and full day package.

Contact & Registration
Tel.: +43 1 4093646