Managing Cuts – New Growth

How can change succeed when rationalizing or staff reduction and, at the same time, innovation for new growth is to take place?
We have developed designs and interventions that will enable you to implement the rationalization of management in a clear and decisive, but also sensible manner. Simultaneously, new growth will be encouraged within the change process. Furthermore, how do you create room and give time for dealing with negative feelings, so that "cuts" can be made in a clear and fair way? How do you create a strong vision of the future and support innovation and a fondness of experimenting? The challenge is to interconnect the logic of emotions with the logic of numbers. Depending on what kind of concept of change you decide on, whether it is radical reinvention or the careful development of the already existing, we work with you to develop the right architecture, steering in the right direction, and creating your own individual strategy.

Case Study

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Old masters on new paths
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