Masterclass Leadership Development
An intensive program.

For those, who intend to strategically develop and renew leadership within the company.

by Dr. Barbara Heitger and Judith Kölblinger

Leadership is a high performance and contact sport for individuals, teams and the community of leaders. In the Leadership Development Mastercalss, you, as a HR manager or as a person in charge of talent management and leadership development, will equip yourself for the new requirements of leadership development. Particularly since the new reality of leadership is characterised by the following: 
  • Markets are volatile. This requires continuous and consistent (re)-orientation of the business towards the customers and their needs - in co-creation. 
  • Challenging goals regarding growth, innovation, quality and efficiency result in high pressure. 
  • Providing clear orientation in the hierarchy is as important as creating platforms for self-monitoring and cooperation. 
  • Employee engagement and commitment is fragile and valuable. In order to create energy and orientation towards agile goals, "sense-making" is at the focus of leadership. 
  • The interplay of leaders - between levels, headquarter and business, over the borders of countries and cultures - is crucial for the success. Leading is a team sport.

Leadership Development has to adjust to the new realities of leadership, as well as to the business strategy and the "moments of truth". 

In the Leadership Development Masterclass, you will determine the current status of the leadership team in your company and update your portfolio and the various elements of it - accompanied by impulses and sparring through colleagues and experts. 

You will work out a set of development activities for your leadership team, which will effectively connect the indispensable leadership issues within the triad of company strategy, leadership strategy and leadership development strategy.  The results - your benefits
  • A leadership strategy as a basis for the leadership development in your company
  • The portfolio for the implementation of the leadership development strategy (goals, settings, formats)
  • Concrete initiatives or programs for individual and collective development 

The specials - in the course of the program...
  • you will receive an update regarding trends, concepts and "maps", innovative case studies of strategically oriented leadership development in a VUCA context (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity). 
  • you will have the opportunity for sparring and co-creation with experienced colleagues and experts. 
  • you will apply the future perspectives of leadership development to your own company in a customized way and receive concepts and tools to do so. 
  • you will experience the elements of a stakeholder-conference, including training, high-impact consulting and coaching within a hybrid learning architecture. 


  • Kick-Off
  • High-Impact Consulting 1
  • High-Impact Consulting 2
  • Finale: from the concept to the organization


You can also book this seminar as inhouse. Customized offers in clarification with your specific requirements. Modules can be booked individually.

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