Digital Workshops & Training

The pandemic will be with us for some time, and with it our intensive journey into the world of digital tools, virtual workshops and meetings. We have dived deep into this virtuality in our consulting practices and training business. We have evolved and launched many new things for and with our customers. We want to share this experience with you: Proven concepts of digital collaboration, innovative concepts, designs and our wealth of experience.

Corona will continue to shape our working world and the “New Way of Work” will also look different than we thought just ahead of the pandemic.

This makes it even more important to no longer postpone events, retreats, meetings and workshops, but to implement them digitally in the best possible way. To do this, we need to experiment and try things out in a playful way. This creates formats that are fun and not just a stale substitute for physical meetings, and that take advantage of digital working, bringing movement and inspiration to your events!


Your Questions

  • Are you facing the challenge of holding meetings, workshops or employee events online, but don’t have the digital expertise in-house?
  • You realize that there is much more to a successful online workshop with enjoyment and good results than just sending out a Zoom appointment, but you don’t yet know how to go about it?
  • Want to make a meeting interactive, but lack experience with designs and tools that create focus for agile work and productivity?
  • You want to implement events under time pressure and need resource support in preparation, implementation/moderation as well as the follow-up?
  • You want to enable your employees to use the potential of digital tools and need good and compact training with valuable tips?
  • Do you want to introduce your employees to the agile and productive side of digital work and help them overcome their fear of the tools?


What we offer

Support and accompaniment of digital workshops, meetings and events

  • Support and advice in the selection of tools to be used
  • Design consulting and ideas for (interactive) technical implementation
  • Design and technical preparation of a screenplay for online events
  • Support and technical-digital moderation of the event
  • Documentation and follow-up


What are the benefits for you?

You get the best out of virtual-digital work formats in terms of results: agility of the process, efficiency and a sense of unity. And: You can concentrate entirely on the content.


Training for digital tools and workshop methods

  • Tools such as Zoom, Mentimeter, and Mural incl. comparisons, advantages and disadvantages
  • With valuable best practices from our daily experience
  • A look behind the scenes of moderation: The digital screenplay and the most important tips and tricks
  • Training material for reference
  • … and for similar questions we are available for you!


Your advantage?

Your employees can independently and professionally plan, conduct and technically support digital workshops and meetings.