Change Essentials - Modul 1

Hard cuts & new growth: concept - contract - commitment

Date: 14.09.2021 till 17.09.2021
Location: Berlin


Karin Schiessl-Kreutzer will gladly accept registrations.


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The program & your benefit

  • You get an update on trends and “state of the art” concepts in change management.
  • You will test agile change concepts & organizational designs and get hands-on digital tools.
  • You integrate many years of proven consulting knowledge, innovative New Work approaches with your experience and expertise.
  • You work on “Change Experiences” of your stakeholders and test new things on actual cases.

Essential 1

Hard cuts & new growth: concept – contract – commitment

  • Innovative settings for initial and contract meetings
  • Hard cuts & new growth: squaring the circle?
  • Concretize design and architecture variants for different change types
  • The five levels of architecture and the master plan
  • How does the triad of consultant/management system, project and organization work?
  • The own function and roles in the process
  • Customer-centered innovation methods, prototyping, DesignThinking, user-centered mindset, innovation processes & formats (A. Greiner, G. Tobeitz, 2 days)

We work with intensive exchange formats, coaching and role plays on your personal situation and evaluate your own systems. At the end you develop your personal master plan, what you want to implement for yourself as a person, for your organization and in your work with your “clients”.

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