Discovering something new

In order to support your company with sustainable development, Heitger Consulting provides you with tailored programs for your key players – managers, project leaders, consultants and experts. We focus on the „Moments of Truth “– the fundamental actions and decisions, which are essential for success or failure. Whether internally or externally, we combine „State of the Art“ input with the application of concepts in your own field including personal reflexion. Internal programs are developed in co-creation with you – they build on your strategy and existing competencies. 
Our principle is based on dynamic learning: to discuss input and practice transfer. In this context, reflection and determination of the status quo are complimenting each other. Our offers are an ideal mix of challenges and learning processes, which secure support measures and sustainable implementation („challenge-assess-support”, according to the CCL approach). We work closely with the participants and see them as individual personalities: their resources, experiences, development perspectives, values – as well as the challenges they are currently facing in their work environment are all taken into account. This creates an efficient and trustful working atmosphere. We integrate online platforms and digital tools to facilitate networking, collaboration and transfer, if beneficial. 
Our offers and programs are directed at: HR managers, project leaders, experts as well as internal and external consultants.