The “Group of Experts” at Heitger Consulting consists of some 30 experienced and internationally active consultants in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The cornerstones of our work are personal integrity, systemic expertise and general management knowhow. What brings it all together is our common understanding of ourselves and our work: “Masters of our craft, artists at heart, and pioneers with a firm belief in our mission”. Working together, we continue to learn more and further develop ourselves.

Strategy, Change and Leadership are the focal points of our consulting services. Whether it’s a matter of strategic innovation, planning complex changes or strategically focused leadership development – our holistic approach combines systemic consulting and expertise, customized services using proven methods and sector-based knowledge, along with a sensitivity for the special aspects and features of your company.

Whenever we go to work with our customers, we do so with the intention of using existing resources in a way that will create something new without losing sight of what has already proven its value. We’ll stay there during implementation of our recommendations, whenever the situation gets tough and demanding, the goals are indistinct or in conflict with other directions within your company. In short, we stick with our customers through thick and thin.

To bring innovation and inspiration to systemic enterprise consulting and bring to you the benefits of our 25 years of consulting experience – that’s what Heitger Consulting is all about. To us, pioneering work means finding and applying new concepts and tools to promote enterprise development. This includes constant, consistent interdisciplinary work with experts in the fields of sociology, applied economics, politics, the arts and the natural sciences. What does this new knowledge mean for our work? It means that we use it in research and then transfer it to our management and consulting activities.

We look forward to working with you!

Heitger Consulting supports worthy causes

In 2007, the member countries of the OECD set a goal of applying 0.7% of their GDP for development help.
We’re also doing our part! Each year, Heitger Consulting makes donations to different non-profit, charitable organizations such as Caritas, “Häuser der Hoffnung” (a non-profit organization for education in third-world countries), "Better Place", "Metta Development Foundation", "Zentrum für gesellschaftlichen Fortschritt" or the Special Olympics. Furthermore, we also do pro bono work in consulting and training.


Want to know more? We will provide you with our article "Future of Consulting" by Barbara Heitger, Cornelia Hummer and Frank Boos: