A Group of Experts

Heitger Consulting: a Group of Experts with some 500 collective years of consulting experience! At Heitger Consulting, we focus on applying skills and expertise in systemic consulting and general management. The implementation strength and effectiveness of our work is based on our proven abilities to effectively combine strategic, organizational and personal perspectives in efficient, productive ways. As a group, we are firmly united by our common understanding of what systemic consulting really is, our goals of offering the highest quality and fullest commitment during implementation, our ability to critically examine and reflect on our own work, a common interest in bettering ourselves and a desire to seek out new challenges.  It doesn’t matter whether we’re working with 10,000 employees or holding an individual sparring session – we’ll take the pressure off of you, strengthen you and create a stable, resilient framework ideally suited for a three-pronged approach in which we challenge you, you challenge us and you challenge yourself.