The Right to Be Led!

Effective leadership is a key element for any successful company – effective leadership of employees, effective management and entrepreneurship.
Our leadership development approach specifically addresses leaders and their individual qualifications, management teams and their further training, leadership communities in terms of efficient networking, and essentially the whole enterprise.
What constitutes leadership in your company – as a driver for the development of identity and for the implementation of strategy – is the starting step for Heitger Consulting's leadership development approach. The goal is to develop a leadership strategy tailored for your organization. We design initiatives with you that will strengthen leadership in an aligned and efficient way. We substantiate the optimum mix of individual and organizational leadership development and incorporate 25 years of experience as well as international "state-of-the-art" concepts.
Our consulting range regarding leadership also extends to individual coaching and sparring, as well as resilient leadership as the ability, to deal with the unexpected. Goal is to act both stable and flexible in uncertain times and to use upcoming turbulences as a change for growth.


Barbara Heitger presents the newest trends in leadership development of Heitger Consulting in research and practice at the 9th ECLF conference in 2013.

The presentation is based on an acticle by Barbara Heitger (2014) "We are Flying Blind: The New Dynamics of Leadership" In: Deiser, R.: Transformers. Executive Conversations About Creating Agile Organizations. Los Angeles: ECLF Press, p.2-9. [ PDF ]


"Next Generation Leadership" by Barbara Heitger and David Schubert. Released in "Professionalisierung als Passion. Aktualität und Zukunftsperspektiven der systemischen Organisationsberatung."
Published by Carl-Auer. Article as [ PDF ]


Our leadership topics at a glance: [ PDF ]