Real Business
A seminar for managers

by Dr. Christian Kreuzer

Real Business is a simultation for managers who confidently aim to lead their company through tough, turbulent times. In this interactive and engaging live business game with Dr. Christian Kreuzer (Austrian Controller Institute) you will increase your capabilities in business management and control.

What are the benefits for you
  • The participants form management teams, which will be responsible for market analysis, strategy, development and production of their various companies. The teams then compete for customers, markets and new business.
  • You will develop your own corporate strategy and apply it in a fast-changing, turbulent market. Here, special focus will be on integrating diverse viewpoints from different company departments (development, production, sales, marketing, finance).
  • In the course of ten simulated business years, you will intensify and broaden your abilities in managing strategic turnarounds in a vibrant challenging experiment. This includes strategy implementation, economic assessment of the company's performance and management of KPIs, as well as the reflection of how to cooperate and make decisions within an executive team.
  • You’ll substantiate and verify the results in a transfer checklist applying to your own work.
  • The triad of decision-making/experiencing – trainer input – reflection and transfer deepens the learning experience and ensures the implementation in your own practice. 


3 days on request – you can book this as an inhouse seminar. We develop a customized offer for you.

Contact & Registration
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