Inhouse consultancy in flux
A program for experienced inhouse consultants and HR business partners

by Dr. Barbara Heitger and Dr. Wolfgang Looss 

This program will be held in German.

Your inhouse consulting services are already successful; you’re already recognized for your proven ability to contribute to enterprise development. “Adapt to changing conditions” is the new paradigm in enterprise management. It’s boldly changing strategy work, the structure of organizations and configuration of change processes. This trend brings new challenges for inhouse consultants and HR business partners. The degree of open-endedness and uncertainty in your assignments is growing along with the pressure to be as successful as you are expected and want to be.

“Inhouse consultancy in flux” – The special features of this program:
  • We’ll focus on current changes and trends in inhouse consulting: assignment areas, collaborative settings with internal customers and self-image.
  • We’ll look behind the scenes to find answers to the following key questions:
  • What are the personal characteristics of successful inhouse consultants and HR business partners?
  • What are the characteristics of successful inhouse business consultant teams?
  • How can you consolidate yourself and your consulting team?
  • We’ll make the connection between research results on inhouse consulting and the models applied by professional service firms and your own work.
  • We’ll present new approaches for strategic work, organizational design and management models to apply when having to “adapt to changing conditions.”
  • We’ll integrate knowledge gained from business/marketing campaigns, micropolitics and political engineering to shed light on the political aspects of working as an HR business partner and inhouse consultant: How can you make an impact without having decision-making authority and still maintain your professional integrity?
  • We’ll look at and work on the “moments of truth” – those decisive situations in your work.

Your Benefits
  • You’ll work on your personal profile and that of your organizational unit.
  • You’ll develop concrete strategies for strengthening your organization in a given situation.
  • You’ll get fresh incentives and new ideas for your work and your personal involvement in it.
  • You’ll benefit from personal feedback and exchange of ideas and information with professional peers.


You can book this as an inhouse program. Customized offers in clarification with your specific requirements. Modules can be booked individually.

Contact & Registration 
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