Agile Project Management – Scrum Boot Camp
A workshop for development of project management competency

by Manfred Brandstätter

Target groups: project managers, product managers, consultants, IT executives, organization and R&D

Agility in Projects

Projects for strategy implementation and projects concerning IT, organization, research and development are usually very complex. The fact of high failure rates and projects with severe complications display the need for alternative methods in planning and realization of those projects. Agile project management – developed as “SCRUM” in the software industry – is a proven method that supports the success of complex projects with a less intensive planning effort. In contrary to traditional project management methods, we focus on flexible agile methods and tools. The principles of agile project management, its rules, roles and formats, its steering and leadership/cooperation are subjects treated in the workshop and will be practiced with your own examples.

What is it about?
•    Introduction to the subject – the approach of agile project management
•    Architecture and components of SCRUM: design, roles and rules
•    How do some effort estimations and agile effort planning / user stories /
     product backlog look like? 
•    How can milestones be reached short term (realization of sprints)?
•    How do simple rituals function in agile project management?
•    Roles and requirements

Why participate?

In a combination of impulses and group work you will actively learn to lead projects in a manner that makes it possible to manage the unexpected and to solve highly complex tasks – an area where classic project management mostly fails. Practical exercises and working on your own cases clarify the different roles of agile and traditional project management methods.


3 days on request – you can book this as an inhouse workshop. We develop a customized offer for you.


  • Manfred Brandstätter


€ 1.450,- excl. VAT and meals/drinks.

Contact & Registration
Tel.: +43 1 4093646