The end of incoherencies within consulting business – for the first time united under one roof

Heitger Consulting and KPMG create new dimensions to attend to enterprises undergoing disruptive change.

In many organizations currently, everything is turned upside down – dealing with digitization, new business models, agility, etc. These turbulent corporate environments require new consulting services. Companies today need both simultaneously: on the one hand substantiated expert advice – "state of the art" – on topics such as digital strategies, omnichannel management, data & analytics, HR and finance transformation, robotics and automation; on the other hand agile and effective support for the concrete implementation in leadership, organization and commitment of the employees. This is why we combine the international expertise and impact of KPMG on all important topics of corporate development with the agile and lively startup spirit of Heitger Consulting and its focus on "Essential Change & Leadership".

In other words: The advantage for the customers is to avoid incoherencies between different consulting approaches that, for the first time, come from one source. 

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