Agile Makes You Stable
Methods for decision-makers

by Manfred Brandstätter

For project managers, process managers, innovation managers, research- und development managers, internal consultants and executives

Agile techniques have proven their worth in volatile and risky environments. They foster innovation, communication and customer orientation. Even in flexible corporate cultures, their introduction is not necessarily easy and may result in several questions: 

  • In which contexts and especially for which tasks are agile methods particularly suitable?
  • What are their most effective levers, risks and side effects?
  • Is a partial integration of agile methods possible?

What is it about?
  • Agile methods and their development
  • What do all agile techniques have in common?
  • Framework conditions and prerequisites
  • How to apply these methods in virtual teams – beyond walls and post-its?
  • Scrum – agile project management
  • Scribble – the agile method to establish process management reliably within a company
  • Design Thinking – the creativity and (problem solving) solution approach with a twist 
  • Strategy Maps – a precise and sustainable way to develop a business strategy
  • Kanban – for agile monitoring and leadership in day-to-day operations 

Why participate?
You get a good overview of the best agile project management methods. Upon completion of this workshop, you will be able to distinguish if and which methods are helpful to you. You will become familiar with the underlying principles of agile methods and you can adapt your individual procedures.
You will gain a sound overview of the ideas and key representatives of agile methods for project management, process management, problem-solving, strategy development and leadership of agile organizational units. You will be able to evaluate suitable areas of application and prerequisites. Those fundamental principles and the solution models taught during the workshop regarding your individual application questions will enable a profitable and competent usage of agile methods for your organization.


3 days on request – you can book this as an inhouse workshop. We develop a customized offer for you.


  • Manfred Brandstätter


€ 1.900,- excl. VAT and meals/drinks.

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