Purpose & Vision

More and more organizations are asking the question of purpose, that is what an organization stands for in society, what added value it creates, and what meaning and purpose its actions pursue. The answer to this question is required by employees who want their work to be meaningful, and by society, which is scrutinizing companies and their actions.

Clearly formulating the organizations own purpose provides orientation and common direction and thus helps to stay on course, especially in uncertain times. With a purpose, hard cuts and new growth can be implemented more easily and it supports agile working methods, shared authorities and facilitates decision-making as a fundamental guideline.

We work with you to develop an integrative overall picture of purpose, vision and strategy that gives the organization a clear direction and the employees orientation and motivation.


Questions we tackle with you

  • What is the core of what we do and what added value do we create?
  • What gives us orientation in times of constant change?
  • What provides direction and possesses energy for our employees and managers?
  • What do we stand for on the market?
  • What responsibility do we assume within our society?
  • How do we align strategy and purpose?
  • How do for decisions across all hierarchical levels?
  • How do we manage to be credible and transparent?