Reinventing ourselves step by step”

Digital transformation and becoming more agile go hand in hand.

Many organizations have responded to increasing complexity, uncertainty and unpredictability with further structuring and rigid organization – making them slow, overworked and exhausted. The tool and rule orientation of agile settings, in contrast – such as strict roles, timeboxing, artifacts, and rituals – generate speed, flexibility , and feasibility and fit the new logic of digitalization. But agile tools suggest that agility works by adhering to formal rules. However, anyone who only introduces methods and tools robs the agile approach of its full potential. The right mindset makes the difference.

To fully exploit the potential of digitalization, agile forms of collaboration are needed – which in turn need digital tools to be effective across the enterprise. Agile and digital reinforce each other and should be strategically integrated regarding corporate development. After all, digital transformation is far more than a strategy and technology issue: it changes organization and leadership and demands fundamentally different competencies from everyone involved.

This is how you survive in the digital world: radical customer focus, iterative approaches and uncompromising prototyping. Loop with us!