Learning Journeys

The idea: “Stop & Grow”. Because for successful companies, looking and thinking outside of the box and concrete impulses for strategic innovation are especially challenging.

3x3x3: three teams, three companies, three days! With this formula, three management teams go on seperate expeditions and let themselves be challenged by three companies from other industries on their core strategic issues and explore the secret of success of their counterparts.

On the road in a team and with a laptop on your lap – this creates the adventure feeling of an innovation expedition for successful companies on your relevant future issues.

We take over the tour guide: preparation, guiding questions, access to attractive companies, informal discussion opportunities with key decision makers and the final transfer into the company – all this in inspiring and creative settings designed with your questions and concerns in mind.


Questions we tackle with you

  • In which future issues do we want to invest together and get impulses from outside?
  • How do we effectively create time, space and energy for the new beyond the operational pull? What is our innovation strategy and its focus?
  • Where and how do we get targeted inspiration?
  • Where do we focus on evolutionary innovation and where on disruptive renewal?
  • How do we protect the new, give value to the classic business, and build good connections between the two?
  • How can we create exchange and encounter in a trusting framework and get new impulses for the business? How do we ensure transfer and innovation initiatives?
  • How do we translate the learning journey experience into our innovation methods and practices?
  • How and where do we get the desire for something new again?