Coaching focuses on you as a person – with your questions, development issues, your challenges and goals. Together, we generate a picture of the future that gives you energy and solution paths that move you forward.

Coaching and sparring means taking productive time out when you need to make complex decisions with major implications for yourself and the organization. Whether you want to reorient yourself personally, position yourself effectively in a function and set initial impulses, make decisions for an ambitious project and its implementation, or resolve a challenging conflict – we are at your side. The approach is absolutely tailor-made and therefore particularly efficient and effective. The coach challenges by asking questions, reflects, provides examples and ideas for possible solutions and points out your own resources for these processes.

Decisions are right when head, heart and gut want the same thing – that’s what we work on with you.


Questions we tackle with you

  • What is my target image that I want to work on in coaching?
  • What can I already build on today, what have I achieved so far? How did I manage to do that?
  • What were important developments/decisions and who was involved? What were challenges and conflicts that I managed?
  • What is the target image after the target image? What will it have been worthwhile to have expended energy and effort to achieve?
  • What are the most important concerns that I want to work on in coaching?
  • What expectations do I have of myself, and what expectations do I have of the coach, so that we can ensure progress?