Agile organization

Organizations today are challenged from many sides: by radical and successful start-ups, by digitalization and new business models. At the same time, employees are demanding more self-efficacy and creative freedom, and are asking about the meaning and purpose of their work.

The common answers to this run under buzzwords like New Work, Holacracy, Scrum, Teal Organization, Lean Start-up etc., in short “agile”.

We provide signposts and develop your own custom-fit path with you – beyond ready-made recipes and buzzwords – just the way it suits you.


Questions we tackle with you

  • Where does it make strategic sense to invest in more agility?
  • How can we measure our agility maturity level?
  • Where do we get inspiration for new forms of organization, leadership and collaboration?
  • Which agile concepts and methods fit us?
  • How do we drive our existing core business and innovative business models and add agile formats to these processes?
  • What do we need for the implementation of agile transformation to make docking with organization and leadership successful?
  • How do agile and classic organizational structures work well together?
  • How do we anchor an agile mindset among our managers and employees?