Organization – Design & Development

How we design organizations determines, how we decide, and how we collaborate. The importance of the “right” organizational design is often radically underestimated.

We work with you to develop the organizational design that most effectively supports the implementation of your strategy and makes optimal use of your company’s potential. And: we concretize the process of organizational development with you.


Questions we tackle with you

  • How do we develop organizational variants and prototypes that fit us and our future?
  • Stakeholder journeys through the new organization – what organizational experiences do we want to create?
  • How do we decide the organizational design – who do we involve, what criteria do we apply?
  • How do we respond quickly and flexible to customer needs while maintaining a shared strategic focus?
  • How do we create orientation as to what the new organization means for everyone, what their contributions are, what needs to be developed and preserved?
  • Implementing a new organization means: the same team plays a new game – how do we anchor new roles, guidelines and partnerships?
  • Leadership and organization as two sides of the same coin – how do we develop both synchronously for sustainable implementation?
  • How do we create a vibrant organization that inspires customers and employees?