Innovative Change Formats

The more uncertain the environment, the more change means “driving on sight”, the more we need innovative, fast and flexible formats for change.

To do this, we combine systemic work with approaches from design thinking, agile methods, gamification, and digital tools and work formats. In this way, we get into testing and experiencing more quickly and radically enter into the customer perspective and that of the stakeholders of the change. The guiding principle is to try things out together, experience them, and then develop the next stages of the expedition.

We combine good orchestration of dialog formats and investment in teams with discipline and tightly timed work formats that bring creativity and fast results.


 Questions we tackle with you

  • What innovative formats are there that make change-weary executives and employees want to change and fit in with the dynamics of change issues?
  • How is it possible to create spaces for change in the face of great operational pressure?
  • In the inflation of change: How do we get new energy and resources? How do we create productive networkswith other initiatives?
  • How do we build change formats that bridge into the organization?
  • How do we effectively combine new formats such as camps, labs, and digital collaboration in virtual settings? How do we ensure efficient implementation right from the start?
  • How do we think “outside the box” in the change process?