We are pioneers of systemic consulting. We combine proven systemic concepts with innovative approaches to business development – in short: our basic understanding is systemic+.

The meanind behind the “+” is the combination of systemic working with specialist consulting, agile approaches and digital concepts. With our strong partner KPMG Management Consulting, we are excellently positioned professionally and offer one stop consulting for the first time on the German-speaking market: Heitger + KPMG.

We see ourselves as masters in our craft, artists at heart and pioneers in our thinking. This holistic and multifaceted approach is reflected in our work: we are your impulse generator, sparring partner, coach, companion, expert for change, leadership and organization.

Change, leadership and agile/digital transformation are our focus areas. Whether strategic innovation, complex change projects, challenging merger processes, agile organizational development or strategy-based leadership development – we work with you to develop customized offerings with a keen sense for the specifics of your company.

And this is how we work with you:

  • We combine methodological expertise with work on attitude and leadership understanding. We translate goals into agile settings for working on change topics related to strategy, organization, leadership, customers, employees, culture, etc.
  • We work with management teams on target-setting, collaboration, leadership-understanding and implementation roadmaps, combining day-to-day operations with strategic frameworks.
  • We create frameworks and processes in which we productively combine your knowledge and commitment with our expertise and external perspective.
  • We develop coherent organizational designs and decision-making structures with those involved and work through conflicts for sustainable solutions.
  • We combine content work with competence development, personal learning and system development towards the change goals.
  • We work with our customers to develop their innovation capabilities and support them in their implementation.
  • We design strategic leadership development initiatives, development programs, and training on topics such as agility and digitalization.
  • We work with the right level of agility, suitable for the topic and company, e.g. Service Design Thinking, Business Modeling, SCRUM.
  • Together with our customers we go step by step through the process of understanding, testing, finding out, learning, anchoring.

And: we leave again, that’s why our customers call again and again!