Hard cuts, new growth

How can change work when clear cuts – from rationalization to staff reductions – and innovation for new growth are strategically important at the same time? Two dynamics that could not be more different.

We have the right designs and interventions on how to implement clear cuts with compassion, while driving innovation. Depending on which change concept you choose – profound change or evolutionary advancement – we work with you to develop the big picture and the appropriate next steps. Every company has experience with this type of change – we build on this, focuson quick wins while keeping the big picture in mind.

Questions we tackle with you

  • What is the most important thing we want to achieve with clear cuts and new growth?
  • Which stakeholders need to be involved? What contributions, what competencies, what motivations are needed?
  • What do we want to work on in the fields of organization, management, leadership and employee commitment?
  • How do we productively engage the different dynamics of hard cuts on the one hand and innovation on the other?
  • Who do we involve so that the solutions are viable and sustainable? And if skeptical stakeholders have good reasons, how do we use their perspective for success?
  • How do we create a living story that everyone can relate to?
  • What process and schedule will get us to our purpose in an agile and efficient way?
  • How do we become new and stay true to ourselves at the same time?

Managing Cuts and New Growth. An Innovative Approach to Change Management

From Barbara Heitger and Alexander Doujak
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Goldegg Verlag 2013. 2nd Edition