Commitment & Development

Every change needs new commitment from employees: clarity about their contribution, what competences they need, what perspectives they see for themselves, and how the interaction with others could be renewed.

Change is a team sport, and new things need friends. We address both of these dimensions through employee development and involvement with a focus on the strategic goals and their implementation.


Questions we tackle with you

  • How do we create a good orchestration for the implementation?
  • What prospects do employees have for their development and how do we engage their curiosity and motivation?
  • How do we integrate the different employee groups and their perspectives on change?
  • Day-to-day business and change at the same time: What do employees need to be able to reconcile both?
  • What role does leadership play when it comes to employee commitment and empowerment? What role does human resources play?
  • How can we make skepticism and resistance visible and use them productively for change?
  • How do we integrate employee development into existing leadership and HR initiatives?
  • How do we create a culture of sharing and learning from each other?