Top Management

In management and board teams, joint alignment and good cooperation are both challenging and crucial to success. After all, it’s all about optimally shaping responsibility for one’s own area and responsibility for the whole – in day-to-day business and in corporate development. That’s what we work on with you!


Questions we tackle with you

  • How do we develop a shared vision of the future in our management team?
  • How do we shape important stakeholder relationships externally and productive working relationships internally?
  • What is the self-understanding of our team when it comes to strategy, organizational and personnel decisions, projects and change projects or day-to-day business?
  • How do we evaluate the results and quality of our work?
  • How do we want to lead? How can a leadership culture be established and developed independently of individuals?
  • How do we create incentives and a culture of innovation and entrepreneurial commitment?
  • How do we cooperate in the interaction of the individual and their overall responsibility?