Design Thinking meets Change - a promising Date

A program for executives, experts and project teams who want to utilize Design Thinking for change & innovation. 

With Kira Krämer (Learning Experience Designer & Managing Partner, Co:dify), Jan Schmiedgen (Innovation Strategist & Managing Partner, Co:dify), Matthias Pöll (Senior Consultant, Heitger Consulting), Antonius Greiner (Senior Consultant, Heitger Consulting)

Design thinking is the new "state of the art" in dealing with fundamental business decisions, for example: Are we creating real value for our customers in their changing market environments? Are we able to establish a permanent dialog with our customers and are we perpetually learning what is important to them? How do we create an agile and innovative culture that is radically focused on the external and internal customer?

The challenge is to promote innovation at the market's touch points while at the same time fostering agile change within the organization - because there cannot be one without the other. 

What distinguishes our program: for the first time, a state-of-the-art design thinking boost camp is offered in conjunction with tried and tested systemic change concepts. You can be looking forward to a pioneering three-day workshop format which crosses the limits of merely experiencing design thinking by integrating and combining it with concrete concepts and tools for the development of your organization. 

Day 1 and 2: Experiencing & reflecting on Design Thinking

The focus of the first two workshop days - besides getting to know the theoretical principles behind it - is practicing and applying design thinking. Based on a main case study, you will be able to explore customer needs, come up with new solutions and test them. In the process, you will be workin in small teams and go through every single step of the design thinking process accompanied by professional coaches, starting from the first premilinary understanding of the problem to learning about best practice examples. As a result, you will gain a basic understanding of the desin thinking methodology and learn about how other companies implemented design thinking in their organization. 


  • Understanding what Design Thinking means, its background, today's relevance and position it the field of innovation management
  • Becoming familiar with Design Thinking tools and methodology through exercises and experiences
  • Developing an understanding of design thinking in the context of a project... 
  • Receiving a summary exisiting knowledge, exploring problems and creating hypotheses 
  • Developing empathy for the user, planning qualitative user research, conducting trial interviews, practicing research techniques, interviews and observations
  • Analyzing and synthesizing data from user research, deriving insights, creatively reframing problems
  • Exploring new solutions, generating and selecting ideas 
  • Differentiating various forms of prototyping; turning an idea into a feasible prototyping concept
  • Examining and iterating the process of developing hypotheses and prototypes with "real users"
  • Reflecting possible approaches to design thinking in one's company

Day 3: Design for Change - Implementation & agile Change

Day 3 is about connecting Design Thinking with tried and tested, as well as innovative change management methods from the systemic perspective. We will focus on the questions of implementation and agile change. Based on the outcomes, we will elaborate on the implications of applying design thinking in the areas of change and leadership. The following subjects will have priority: 

  • What it takes to implement design thinking - effective strategies 
  • Inspiration and design strategies for the efficient connection of systemic concepts and Design Thinking - what is needed for a renewal
  • Examples of how the systemic perspective can be renewed by incorporating elements of design thinking from consulting projexts and executive programs
  • Inspirational inputs for your current questions regarding change, leadership and innovation

Why shoud you paricipate? 

  • You will get a grasp of the principles, operating modes and concepts of Design Thinking and apply practice - oriented tools and frameworks on a relevant case
  • You will experience the powerful impact of immersion into customer needs and radical collaborations in a multidisciplinary team
  • You will gain a deeper understanding of ho people interact with products and services. Therefore, you will understand the strategic value of a homan-centered-focus for innovation managament 
  • You will gain insights into international best practices of implementing Design Thinking or a culture of innovation (provided by the curator of "")
  • You will understand the connection and interaction between design thinking and systematic chane and you will be able to organize your own "change by design"
For whom?

Executives, consultants and employees responsible for change and executive development, developers, engineers, product managers as well as experts from all kinds of different areas who aim to strengthen their skills in the field of innovation management 


Detailed program download PDF


€ 2.490,- excl. VAT and conference package.
The conference package will be charged additionally. In case of cancellation, 50% will be charged 30 days from the start and 100% 14 days from the start of the program. 
Please note, that we reserve the right to postpone the seminar until 4 weeks until the starting date.

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