Andreas Peteranderl

Organization shapes leadership & leadership shapes organization.

Main focus

  • Organizational Consulting:
    • Consulting in complex change processes, in which the factual, social and time dimensions are considered in their interactions
    • Organizational and leadership development in their interdependencies (organization shapes leadership & leadership shapes organization)
    • Business development projects combining rationalization and innovation (“Hard cuts & new growth”)
    • Culture development projects
    • Design and implementation of structured feedback measures for managers
    • Implementation of resource-oriented concepts and instruments for employee management (“Strengthen strengths and use interests”) as well as positive leadership
    • Establishment of internal competence fields for systemic organizational consulting
  • Skills development and training:
    • Systemic leadership development (more than leadership development)
    • Development and implementation of innovative learning architectures for leadership development (“from consumer to producer of learning”)
    • In-house qualification in conflict management, change management, systemic organizational consulting for executives, IT consultants, trainers and human resources managers
    • Trainings for Constructive Communication (according to M. Rosenberg)
    • Focused systemic group dynamic trainings (e.g. “Micropolitics – leading in the game of power”)
  • Team building and team development
  • Conflict moderation, clarification assistance and mediation
  • Coaching
    • Group coaching with several executives at the same level (“Leadership concrete”)
    • Coaching of management, executives & management teams



  • Network partner of Heitger+, Vienna
  • Close network partner of frankfurter-group, corporate development
  • Systemic organizational consultant (swf and Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg)
  • Authorized trainer for group dynamics (DGGO, German Society for Group Dynamics, formerly Group Dynamics Section in the DAGG)
  • Psychodrama Leader
  • Lecturer in MBA courses and at universities



  • Studies in education, catholic theology, sociology and psychology (degree: Diplom Pädagoge with focus on adult education)
  • Systemic Organizational Consulting (Prof. F. B. Simon, T. Groth, Dr. C. Grubendorfer, Simon, Weber and Friends, Berlin)
  • Systemic organizational consulting, systemic consultants long-term group (Dr. R. Königswieser u. A. Exner, Beratergruppe Neuwaldegg, Vienna)
  • Strategic organizational and personnel development (Özdemir & Partner, Erftstadt-Liblar)
  • Systemic and hypnotherapeutic concepts for coaching, team development and organizational consulting (Dr. G. Schmidt, Milton Erickson Institute, Heidelberg)
  • Authorized trainer for group dynamics (DGGO, German Society for Group Dynamics and Organizational Dynamics, formerly Group Dynamics Section in the DAGG)
  • Psychodrama Leader (Psychodrama Institute Münster)
  • Conflict management in consulting (Dr. F. Glasl, Trigon, Graz)
  • Constructive communication (Dr. M. Rosenberg, CNVC, G. Rothhaupt, M. Sikor)
  • Crisis counseling (Krisenhilfe Münster e. V.)
  • Client-centered interviewing (MLA)
  • Systemic Sex Therapy (Prof. Dr. Ulrich Clement)



  • German