Guido Czeija

Humor is one of the best clothes you can wear in company.

William Thackeray

Main focus

  • Systemic consulting of teams, networks and organizations
  • Design and support of change processes
  • Qualification of managers and experts (coaching and training)
  • Conflict management and consulting
  • Process-oriented moderation (strategy, retreats, workshops, large groups)
  • Trainings on conflict management, consulting skills, moderation, presentation and train the trainer



  • Project assistant for CONECTA, Vienna School of Organizational Consulting
  • Internship in international trading company, area of corporate human resources development
  • Partner of KOMUNARIKO Organization and Management Consulting
  • Member of the management team and lecturer in the university course for interpersonal communication (cooperation with University of Salzburg)



  • Change Essentials, Heitger+, Vienna
  • Participation-oriented organizational consulting (Alfred Janes)
  • Systemic Strategy Development (Rudi Wimmer)
  • Systemic organizational consulting (Fritz Simon)
  • Group Dynamics and Organizational Consulting (ÖGGO)
  • Training as a communication trainer (EAK)
  • Studies of physics and mathematics in Vienna and Berlin



  • German, English