Heike Pfitzner

Trust is the bridge over the abyss of the impermanent.

Sylvia Wetzel

Main focus

  • Global integrative business development
  • Design and implementation of sustainable international training and PE concepts
  • New Work, sustainable innovation, intercultural change management, agile leadership
  • Inspiring facilitator of (large) groups and learning events, learning journeys, workshops
  • eFacilitator: support for virtual teams, shared leadership
  • Senior trainer for sustainable change, agile leadership development, international team development and holistic development (Theory U, yoga, meditation).
  • Expert for German-Russian cooperation (joint venture), preparation of expats, team support
  • Enthusiastic support of the transition from hierarchical forms of work to fluid ways of working



  • 2016: Conception and moderation “Culture-Conflict-Cooperation” conference (250 TN) for SIETAR (Society of Intercultural Training and Research) Germany, international talent development BOSCH (150 TN), e-facilitator Daimler “Leadership2020”, innovation management “Academy International”.
  • 2015: Trainer for Talent Leadership Development BOSCH (90 TN), Facilitation BASF workshops, “New Management” Lerua Merlin (Moscow), Executive Coaching BASF, Russia projects RBS
  • 2014: Transcultural learning event for executives of Gazprom and BASF/Wintershall, executive coaching Beiersdorf, Tchibo/networking trip “Presencing”, various workshops and change trainings
  • Since 2013: Member of the Supervisory Board of ENERTRAG (renewable energies)/Country Lead for Heitger Consulting – Change Management Trainings PepsiCo Russia, development of coaching school Prof Schulz von Thun in Moscow, support of various change projects, coaching for top management (CFO)
  • 2012: Country-Lead for Heitger Consulting (Vienna) for 120 top executives PepsiCo Russia “Change Management”, BASF intercultural trainer and coach for BASF/Wintershall in CIS, project management “Open Neighborhoods” in the context of the Germany Year in Russia
  • 2011-2015: Head of the German-Russian trainer network STIC, trainings for Robert-Bosch-Foundation in Russian regions for KM
  • Since 1997: Founder of STIC – Network (Supporting Teams In Change)
  • For 33 years: Work projects and extensive stays in Russia



  • Continuous in-service training in coaching, change management, large group facilitation, communication consultant, virtual team diagnostics, e-facilitation, mindfulness, Theory U (presencing), next work (Laloux, Holacracy).
  • Doctorate in developmental psychology (magna cum laude)
  • University studies in pedagogy and psychology in Russia, Moscow (diploma with distinction)
  • 2015: e-Facilitation Frederik Vogelberg, Nomadics Amsterdam
  • 2013: Foundation program Presencing, MIT, Otto Scharmer (Theory U)
  • 2012: Virtual Performance Assessment/Improvement (VPA/VPI), intercultures
  • 2009: International Team Trust Indicator (ITTI), WorldWork (virtual trust in global teams)



  • German (native), Russian (perfect), English (advanced), French (basic level)