Niklas Gaupp

About me

Imagine a pleasant summer morning. You are walking on a wide and empty beach. The sun is rising and in front of you there is the endless expanse of the blue sea. Do you have this image clearly in your mind? Have you really visualized it? Then perhaps a sense of possibility arises in you - a sense of how days could be. As a consultant, I am thrilled to discover and explore the wide field of what is possible together with clients again and again. To look together at which of these possibilities could be realized. Consequently work out concrete steps that make their realization more likely. Life is too short to let potential go unused.

In my approach to consulting, I am primarily influenced by systems theory, systemic consulting and generative coaching. I work with individuals (coaching), teams (team development) and in different formats of organizational development (with a special focus on leadership development, innovation and agility).

Always act to increase the number of choices!

Heinz von Förster

Main focus

  • Systemic change support in the context of digital transformation: organizational and process diagnosis, project management at the interface between technical and change consulting, process-oriented workshop facilitation
  • Systemic innovation management
  • Generative coaching (individual potential development with hypnosystemic methods)
  • Team development, team coaching


  • Since 2017 Consultant at Heitger+, Vienna
  • 2017: Junior Consultant at ute clement consulting, Heidelberg
  • 2016: Trainee at the management consultancy Metaplan, Hamburg
  • Democracy trainer in the “Betzavta” program (Hebrew for “togetherness”)



  • Generative Coaching, International Association for Generative Change, San Diego.
  • Systemic organizational consulting and systemic group dynamics, Simon Weber and Friends, Berlin
  • Systemic Consulting for Young Professionals, Institute for Systemic Consulting (isb), Wiesloch
  • Doctorate (DPhil) with a dissertation on Niklas Luhmann’s social systems theory, University of Oxford
  • Master (MSt) in Medieval and Modern Languages, University of Oxford
  • Basic studies in psychology, literature and political science, University of Bonn



  • German, English