Astrid Ewald

Problem talk produces problems. Solutions talk produces solutions.

Steve De Shazer

Main focus

  • Leadership & Potential Development (conception, design, implementation, evaluation)
  • Development of team- and cooperation potential (leadership changes, conflicts, realignment)
  • Design of corporate- and divisional development (purpose, innovation, cultural change, restructuring, downsizing)
  • Accompaniment of management teams
  • executive coaching



  • Degree in Psychology, University of Vienna
  • Systemic Process Consultant Training (Institute for Systemic Coaching and Training) Systemic Coach (IFS Vienna), Reteaming® Coach
  • Bioenergetics (Waldefried Pechtl)
  • Systemic structural constellations (Siegfried Essen)
  • Solution Focusing and Hypnosystemic Consulting, Steven Ghilligan
  • Future Search Conference (M. Weisboard/USA)
  • Presencing according to C.O. Scharmer



  • University Assistant at the Study Center of the Medical Faculty of the University of Vienna
  • Learning & Development Manager, Philips Austria GmbH
  • trainer, consultant and coach
  • Managing Director of CONTRUSTimpuls OEG
  • Managing Director and Founder of ASTRID EWALD Company Coach Unternehmensberatung (Management Consulting)



  • German; English